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raffles_menard's Journal

7 December 1985
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The other one, Matthew, is the one things happen to.
academic libraries, aki kaurismaki, alan moore, all in the family, amy jean porter, andrew marvell, archibald macleish, architecture in helsinki, ariosto, arrested development, bangers and mash, barack obama, batman, belle and sebastian, bibliography, bill hicks, black currants, bob dylan, cantaloupes, cars can be blue, cataloging, cats, chris ware, classic science fiction movies, collages, combinatorial literature, dave eggers, doctor who, donald barthelme, erica parker, federico fellini, film noir, firefly, flight of the conchords, georges perec, guy maddin, harold and maude, harry keeler, hendrix gin, heraclitus, humphrey bogart, indices, italian, italo calvino, john keats, jorge luis borges, joseph cornell, juan rulfo, juno, kafka, kenneth rexroth, latin, literary theory, marcel dzama, max ernst, mayakovsky, mcsweeney's, michael chabon, miranda july, monty python, orson welles, oulipo, pea coats, penguins, peppermint tea, phil ochs, philip roth, pico della mirandola, plato's socrates, procrastinating about grad school, prostheses, quentin tarantino, raymond queneau, revenge tragedy, richard farina, robert heinlein, robert herrick, roland barthes, scrabble, scrubs, semicolons, shelley, sherlock holmes, stanley fish, sweater vests, terry gilliam, the believer, the cohen brothers, the kinks, the magnetic fields, the mighty boosh, the mountain dulcimer, the office, the oulipo, the smell of rain, the smiths, the twilight zone, the velvet underground, the who, this american life, thomas hardy, tin house, titus andronicus, toad in the hole, tristan tzara, tullycraft, twee, umberto eco, vespa scooters, victorian literature, werner herzog, william blake, william butler yeats, william james, woody allen